Help for external examiners


How du you become an external examiner in the Bachelor of Engineering Corps or the Civil Engineering Corps

To become an external examiner in the corps, you must get in contact with a relevant educational institution and a teacher there who might want to use you as an external examiner. The teacher in question must then invite you as an external examiner candidate. This is done via 

It is important to point out that, as an appointed external examiner, you can be used by all engineering educational institutions if you fulfil the qualifications. Thus, it is not only the educational institution that has invited you who can use you as an external examiner. However, external examiners must not be employed or have been employed within the last 2 years at the university or other educational institution where they must act as external examiner.

Invitation to become an external examiner in the corps

If you have received an invitation to become an external examiner in one of the corps you can finde help in this guidance.


Login to CensorNet

Login to CensorNet is done using the MitID-log-in.

You go to the website of 'The Public Login Community - NEMLOG-IN'. After entering your user ID and password for NemID, you are redirected to a WAYF page. WAYF (Where Are You From) is a common university system that universities are expected to use, for example, in connection with the implementation of NemID. The reason that it says that you log on to DTU's NemLog-in service is that DTU is 'hosting' CensorNet, and the purpose is to give access to CensorNet. 

It is without risk to accept that one's CPR no. is sent. You have already entered your CPR no. in CensorNet, when you accepted the invitation to become a censor. CPR no. is simply sent into a system in encrypted form and speaks to another system (CensorNet). The CPR no. is therefore not in human hands. 

When you click "Yes, I accept, save consent", you get access to CensorNet.

Feedback form after each censor task

According to the Examination Orders, the external examiner must, after the examination, submit a report on the examination process to the educational institution and the chairmanship. This is done via a feedback form on CensorNet. The form can be found on your login page as an external examiner on CensorNet. The feedback form is automatically generated in CensorNet when the educational institution has registered the use of you as an external examiner on the specific exam activity. This is done via CensorNet.

If you are not appointed external examiner in the corps, but only appointed ad hoc by the chairmanship for a single exam, a feedback form will not be generated on CensorNet, as you will not be registered in the censor database on CensorNet. In these cases, you can print this feedback form, fill it in and send it to the relevant chairmanship. See contact information on CensorNet here.

It is also important for the external examiner to complete a feedback form, as the chairmanship, in connection with a new four-year term, use these forms to check whether the external examiner has been used during the previous term. 

If there is no feedback form on CensorNet to fill out, the external examiner must notify the educational institution that held the exam. The institution will then be able to register the censor for the relevant exam, after which the form will appear on the censor's own page on CensorNet. However, this is not possible at DTU, once the grade(s) has been reported.