CensorNet.dk contains information for and about the external examiners corps. Educational institutions have access to invite new external examiners into the corps, search for appointed examiners in the database and register the use of external examiners. External examiners enter information about themselves and must maintain their contact information, just as they have to fill out the compulsory feedback form after each exam. Educational institutions log in with a username and password, censors log in via their NemID. 

For administrative reasons, the corps is divided into seven academic fields: Civil Engineering, Design & Architecture, Export, Electronics, IT & Energy (Electro), Mathematics, Physics & Social sciences (Basic subjects), Chemistry and Machinery. An overview of the seven different fields and the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the fields can be seen here. Under each academic field an overview of the academic areas of each academic field are listed. 

An external examiner may be used by all engineering educational institutions regardless of which institution has invited the person in question to be appointed as external examiner and regardless of which academic field the person in question is appointed under, as long as the external examiner has the sufficient professional qualifications.

Overview of the organization of the examiners corps.

Overview of the secretariats of the the examiners corps.