7-point grading scale

Information about the 7-point grading scale

The basis for grading the student on a subject/course is the learning objective of the subject/course, and the grade must correspond to the degree of the student's achievement of the objective - absolute grading. A specific distribution of grades among the examinees/students must, therefore, not be aimed for.


When determining the learning objectives of the subject/course, the level must be set so that an average student with an average effort achieves an average grade. That also means that a team's average grade can be higher than 7 if the students' products are above average; it is the product that determines the grade.


Following the above, there is also no expectation of a grade distribution for final projects, bachelor projects for BEng students, bachelor projects for BSc students and master's thesis around grade 7.


Reference is made to the Examination Order and the Grading Scale Order, which both can be found here.


Several external examiners have asked for guidelines for using the 7-point grading scale, e.g. when assessing larger sets of written assignments. The chairmanship has drawn up a memorandum that describes in more detail how the grading scale should be used in practice and the importance of concrete and specific learning objectives being described for each individual subject/course. 



Explanation Description ECTS
12 The excellent performance The grade 12 is given for an excellent performance displaying a high level of command of all aspects of the relevant material, with no or only a few minor weaknesses. A
10 The very good performance The grade 10 is given For a very good performance displaying a high level of command of most aspects of the relevant material, with only minor weaknesses. B
7 The good performance The grade 7 is given for a good performance displaying good command of the relevant material but also some weaknesses. C
4 The fair performance The grade 4 is given for a fair performance displaying some command of the relevant material but also some major weaknesses. D
02 The adequate performance The gade 02 is given For a performance meeting only the minimum requirements for acceptance. E
00 The inadequate performance The grade 00 is given For a performance which does not meet the minimum requirements for acceptance. Fx
-3 The unacceptable performance The grade -3 is given For a performance which is unacceptable in all respects. F




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