CensorNet - Homepage for the Bachelor of Engineering Corps of External Examiners and the Civil Engineering Corps of External Examiners

The Bachelor of Engineering Corps includes Bachelor of Engineering Programmes (B Eng), and part-time diploma programmes in the field of IT and engineering.

The Civil Engineering Corps includes Bachelor's of Science in Engineering programmes (BSc), Master of Science in Engineering programmes (MSc) (Civil Engineering programmes), and part-time master's programmes in the academic field.

Please be aware that it is only the frontpages of CensorNet that are in English. If you have difficulties understanding the Danish pages, please contact the relevant secretariat.

The two corps of external examiners for the engineering programmes

The engineering programmes are divided into two corps:

  • Bachelor of Engineering Corps of External Examiners (also includes part-time diploma programmes in the field of IT and engineering)
  • Civil Engineering Corps of External Examiners (also includes part-time master's programmes in the field)

The two corps of external examiners are regulated in different examination orders, and the two orders have different requirements for the external examiners' qualifications, cf. section 57 in the examination order for the university programmes and section 27 in the examination order for the BEng and diploma programmes. The main difference between the two orders is that an external examiner must have a research-based education at master's level in order to be an examiner in bachelor's, master's, and part-time master's programmes. If the external examiner has an education at master's level or higher, he/she can be an examiner in both corps. If the external examiner has an education at bachelor’s level, he/she can be an external examiner in the Bachelor of Engineering Corps.

The Examination Orders can be found in the right menu under 'Acts and orders'.

New appointment period has started

A new four-year appointment period has just begun for both corps; the period runs from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2016. All externale examiner candidates who have been invited within the set deadlines have now received a reply to their examiner's application. Approved candidates have received appointment emails from one or both corps, depending on which corps they have been invited to. The appointment email has the following wording for the Bachelor of Engineering Corps and the Civil Engineering Corps

It is still possible to invite external examiner candidates. This is done by the educational institutions that must give a reason why they want the candidate to be appointed as an external examiner. Under the 'Help' menu you can find instructions on how to invite someone to become an external examiner, just as the candidate can find instructions on what to do if they receive an inviation to become an external examiner. 

Election to the chairmanship in the new corps

In connection with the appointment of the new corps, elections for a new chairmanship shall be held for each corps. The Examination Order states that a chairmanship consisting of a chairperson  and one or more vice-chairpersons shall be elected for each corps by and from among the external examiners. Election for the chairmanship for both corps have started 4 April 2022. The external examiners have been invited to consider whether they would like to be part of the chairmanship. There is always a need for new forces, you learn a lot about education rules and exams, also by participating in exam complaints, and you get to expand your professional network. You must report your candidacy to one of the secretariats no later than 18 April 2022, but this is described in more detail in the email that all newly and re-appointed external examiners have received with information about the process. The email is only in Danish. If you have difficulty understanding, please contact one of the secretariats. Please be aware that the work in the chairmanship, including all communication, takes place in Danish.

IT support of the two corps of external examiners

For your information a working group has been set up with the participation of censor chairmen and university representatives who are investigating the possibilities in relation to the future IT support of the two corps, including so that the two corps can be completely separated systemically into two corps. The expectation is currently that a new IT system will replace CensorNet. This will be widely publicized once the educational institutions have made a decision after dialogue with the working group.


Important information

Important information for external examiners who has a non EU/EFA citizenship and who have a temporary residence and work permit with the purpose of working in Denmark.

Requirements for external examiners' qualifications...

General guidelines for qualifications and impartiality for external examiners. See the guidelines here.